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The Shop-A-Holic magazines are direct mailed to homes thru the US Postal Service throughout New Jersey. Each issue is full saturation of carrier routes in their designated zip codes.

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The Shop-A-Holic is a response driven direct mail magazine designed to increase visibility of your business, increase store traffic and increase your sales.The Shop-A-Holic is the most cost effective direct mail product on the market. For less than 2¢ per household, your advertising dollars can reach more consumers then ever before. The right price with the right product could only lead to success.

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Exclusive Shopaholic Publications offers much more than Direct Mail magazines. Exclusive Shopaholic Publications offers a wide range of advertising, marketing, consulting and printing options so we are your one stop for all your advertising and printing needs.

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Reach Your Demographic Directly

The New Jersey Shop-A-Holic is direct mailed to homes and local businesses thru the United States Postal Service for less then 2¢ per household. The Shop-A-Holic is the most cost effective advertising vehicle in the state. The Shop-A-Holic targets three counties with very strong demographic zip codes; Monmouth, Middlesex, and Hudson Counties. These areas represent many diverse backgrounds and local businesses. The Shop-A-Holic has become the number one direct mail magazine in New Jersey. The Shop-A-Holics is not just advertising, it has staying power. With its feature stories and local events, the Shop-A-Holic stays in the home and delivers results.

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Additional Marketing Services To Enhance Your Business
The Shop-A-Holic offers a print and insert program which provides its customers with the best of both worlds. Direct mailing of your menu, flyer, or brochure provides optimum exposure of your offers by extending up outside the magazines.
The Shop-A-Holic offers DAL postcards that are direct mailed as a separate card along with the magazine. The D-card is a stand alone 4 color postcard that costs as little as 9¢ per household. D-cards are the most cost effective way to target your message to the consumer.
The Shop-A-Holic offers targeted Direct Mail options for your business can utilize your mailing list or obtain a mailing list based on demographics, business location or any variable you may have. The Shop-A-Holic can handle any job from concept to creation and guarantee that your advertising dollars bring back the return on investment your expect!

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"I received 25 phone calls in the last month, Shopaholic Publications is the best advertising around."

By Plus Masonry

"Over 50 new clients since being with Shopaholic."

By Bonnie Rappel Salon